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Human touch is essential for you to thrive. 

Making time for intimacy adds infinite value to the overall quality of your life. 
Are you ready to live one of life’s most precious & essential experiences?
Rise up to a high vibrational level of being you’ve always dreamed of!

COVID-19 UPDATE: Intimacy is a large part of what helps us thrive as humans. Connection with others and human touch is essential for us all. During this challenging time, please know that I am doing everything I can to help support my followers, clients and members to uphold this amazing aspect of our human lives. In order to keep us all safe and healthy, I have created an enhanced virtual immersion of an Aqueoussage to experience within the safety of your home. Visit my IntimaSea brand products website for an instant digital download to own, or you can BUY NOW through the button below. Cozy up in quarentine with a loved one or enjoy some guilt-free sensual self care on your own with this full-length tantric erotica film. Made with much love, especially for you.



Elevate Yourself
Elevate your Relationship
Elevate your Team
You're Worth It!

Welcome to Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW), a Boston based company and innovator in the industry of sacred human connection. Join the global movement to embrace natural desires and improve our collective life performance.

As a client, you may experience creative sensual energy through various approaches; one-on-one private sessions, couples sessions, small group or team sessions. 

Now offering certification courses in “Aqueoussage”, the primary form of Sensual Energy Body Work. 

You’ll gain infinite value through all offerings:

  • Aqueoussage with Intimate Reiki
  • Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching 
  • SEBW Athletic Performance Enhancement 

If you’re feeling the desire to break the monotony of life, you've come to the right place. You’ve always known there is much more to experience than what typical society says is normal. THIS is the pathway to much more. 



What is "Aqueoussage"?

This primary technique of Sensual Energy Body Work delivers a unique and divine touch for the purposes of lasting, meditative relaxation for one’s mind, body, heart and soul. 

“They discovered another level of trust and intimacy since incorporating Aqueoussage into their relationship.”

Gain heightened effects and healing when Aqueoussage is delivered by a certified Reiki practitioner. Aqueoussage with Intimate Reiki is the ultimate form of Sensual Energy Body Work.

Initial appointments for new clients usually includes; a brief life coaching consult & body work (optional). The combination of both services has proven to be the most effective for life-changing results through intentional participation. Being mindful of the experience as a whole adds value to your entire being, mind, body, heart and soul. 

Body Work:

"Aqueoussage" is a trademarked term for a highly unique & sensually healing version of Sensual Energy Body Work. It is a combination of various styles of massage and energy work, including a hypnotic, slower version of body-to-body nuru. 


A * QUE * OUS * SAGE   [ awk - we - us - sazh ] Noun

Origin: from the Latin word aqueous “dissolved in water”

  1. an artistic form of Sensual Energy Body Work (SEBW), similar to sensual massage, for purposes of dissolving stress, promoting human connection, and creating a sensual flow of relaxation
  2. performed by a masseuse/masseur, a certified Aqueoussage practitioner, utilizing her/his entire body in a rhythmic motion, usually to the tempo of flowing water, to rub, stretch, caress or slide across another body in a slow, sensuous manner
  3. supplies: Aqueoussage Solution (Sensual Energy Body Work product system by IntimaSea) is generously applied topically to provide heightened sensations and forms a protective barrier to the skin for an optimal experience throughout the Aqueoussage


Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching
- a raw form of uniquely effective life coaching.

"Live the Strength you Hold"

To me, living the strength you hold is a way of encouraging myself and others to be at our best. I love being in the company of people who feel comfortable in their own skin and live life in a manner that resonates with their core values or at least lives with the intention of getting to that place. 

Whether you're working with me as a coach, a bodyworker or both, I strive to add value to your life through our experiences together. I want you to walk away feeling more fulfilled and full of love for yourself and others than you did before we worked together. This is extremely important to me. Due to the intimate nature of body work and very honest coaching, if at anytime you feel that working with me in any form would make you feel any less than amazing, please let me know so we can address this appropriately. I sincerely believe that every coaching and/or bodywork encounter that I have with a client helps raise my vibration for the best and I walk away from the session with a full heart, I want this for you as well. 

In order to obtain maximal and long-lasting results from working with me in any aspect, I highly recommend starting our work together with a Lifestyle Coaching session prior to any kind of bodywork. Most of my clients find it to be an extremely valuable aspect of their personal growth and continue a combination of Lifestyle Coaching & Aqueoussage sessions throughout our professional relationship together. I fully believe that working with your; mind, body, heart and soul together will bring about your best self as opposed to focusing on only one aspect of your being. 

Somehow you found yourself drawn to my website. This was not an accident. Maybe you cannot pinpoint exactly what brought us together, but I can assure you with confidence you're in the right place. I meticulously place my message out there for YOU and others like YOU to find me. I'm looking for YOU and want to work with YOU. 

If you're unsure that the work I do is for you, I encourage you to take some time and "mull it over". The answer will come to you in one way or another. Maybe the idea of the work I do will come up in your thoughts while you're on a long drive, you'll have a visual flash of my website while you're on your morning run or some indicative sign will cross your path when you least expect it. When these occurrences happen, feel how your body reacts. No one knows you better than yourself. Whether your reaction to these thoughts are positive or negative, I encourage you to listen to your heart. I'm here when you’re ready to start living your best life and experience life in the 11+. 

To learn more information about LIC and understand the benefits of "Living a Life in the 11+" check out Life in the 11+ on

Elite Companion



Please read the package options thoroughly before contacting me.
I believe that you should have high expectations when choosing a bodyworker/coach for such a connective encounter & deserve the absolute best fit for your needs. I myself have considerate expectations of those who see me and do not schedule with every inquiry that comes my way. A sense of maturity, mutual respect and manners go a long way with me! 

60 min Session (non-member rate) $400
90 min Session (non-member rate) $600 
2 Hr. Session        (non-member rate) $800
3 Hr. or more available upon request  (non-member rate) $1200+
60 / 90 / 120 min. Session with membership

Inquire with me about exclusive membership rates

Credit Cards or Cash accepted. 
Appointments exceeding 2 hours in duration or out-of-state appointments require a 20% deposit to book. Invoice for deposit will be sent via email. 

Coaching is available in-person or via video chat.
I am also happy to come to you for a travel session if you prefer.

There is a fee of $100 for travel sessions in addition to the above rates. If outside of MA, travel fee may be more depending on mileage. 

Elite Companion


How can Sensual Energy Body Work help you as an athlete? 

Being an elite or professional athlete absolutely takes a toll on one’s body. The strenuous demands can be taxing on the mind, heart, and soul as well. I’m here to offer balance for your entire essence so you can be your best self in and out of competition. 

Credit Cards or Cash accepted. 

Appointments exceeding 2 hours in duration, multi-player or team bookings or out-of-state appointments require a 20% deposit to book. Invoice for deposit will be delivered via email.

Note: There is a fee of $100 for travel sessions in addition to the above rates. If outside of MA, travel fee may be more depending on mileage.

"You can’t pour from an empty cup."  The infinite gains that are attained with this ongoing unique work will "fill your cup". The benefits of refueling all aspects of YOU will bring out a new level of play and PRs in all aspects of your game. This work provides the ultimate harmonic balance every superstar needs to be at their best!

Coaches and players have various theories on the role of sexual energy in athletic performance. Athletes like Muhammad Ali believe the results of practicing complete abstinence prior to competition preserve testosterone and promotes aggression in the ring. On the contrary, Joe Namath was known for laying pipe as part of his pre-game ritual so he can be focused and relaxed for every game. 

Sexual energy is a powerful, primal source within all of us that can be utilized like a superpower. Often times it is either fought off and suppressed or compulsively chased and wasted. I’ve discovered a unique technique of harnessing sexual energy and using it to one’s advantage on and off the field. Learn how to use this untapped resource to bring your game to the next level. 

Packages & Pricing:

2 Hour SEBW Athletic Performance Enhancement
2+ Hour SEBW Athletic Performance Enhancement
Starter Pack:
3 Session Commitment Starter Pack (6 total hours)

In addition to being a Sensual Energy Body Worker, I am a professional life coach, athletic trainer, CSCS and trained hypnotist

Pre-Competition Athletic session:

2 Hour SEBW Athletic Performance Enhancement - $800

This session is designed to be held the day before or the day of competition. A combination of energy arousal building Aqueoussage techniques, body-to-body sport-specific PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching and hypnotic NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) visualization with an emphasis in harnessing primal sexual energy is the perfect pre-game strategy essential for top-level play. Typical results; a higher level of focus, testosterone boosts, increased determination and improved physical energy. On-going commitment and practice of this unique technique provides infinite gains in athletic performance. 

Post-Competition Athletic session:

2+ Hour SEBW Athletic Performance Enhancement - $1000

This session is designed to be held after competition or during the off-season. The focus is on rejuvenation and recovery through total relaxation. Body-to-body Aqueoussage compression and level 2 Reiki techniques help refuel a depleted mind, body, heart and soul. Attention is given to minor injuries and delayed onset muscle soreness. The perfect elixir after you’ve just played your heart out. Additional time in this 2+ hour session can be personalized for the athlete to produce optimal results. 

Three-Session Starter Pack:

3 Session Commitment Starter Pack (6 total hours): $2500

A three-session package designed to build a foundation of harnessing and utilizing sexual energy. A combination of lifestyle coaching and hands-on bodywork personalized for the high-level athlete looking to infinitely improve their game. This package is essential for continuous programming and ongoing sessions to reach a level of sexual energy mastery. Recommended only for those committed to ongoing success. 

Other Options:

  • Continuous Programs are available for individual athletes as well as team packages. 
  • Longer durations, team packages, & traveling packages also available.
  • You may book packages via social media DM if you have a professional verified account as a professional athlete
  • I'm happy to come to you privately or visit your training facility for a travel session if you prefer.



Have you ever had a "couples massage" at the spa? 

Is being in the same room on separate tables across the room a REAL couples massage?
An Aqueoussage can do wonders for the monotony of everyday monogamy.
Fantasies are a part of human nature and are nothing to be ashamed of.

Enjoy a unique and unexplainable NEW connection with your partner through Sensual Energy Body Work, "Couples Aqueoussage". Originally designed for couples in a relationship who may be in search of a new, heightened connection to complement their partnership. I use an XL massage table complete with two headrests, built with couples in mind so you can truly share this experience together.

I have found that since working with couples who share experiences simultaneously, not only do they become physically and emotionally closer, but they have reported the discovery of a new ability to understand each other's overall needs, desires and fantasies in a more efficient way than ever before. 

Each session is completely organic and personalized for the couple indulging in this essential bonding experience. At the beginning of the appointment, all 3 of us have an open & honest conversation about their ideal session & boundaries as a couple to ensure no one feels uncomfortable or intimidated. 

Sometimes it is purely relaxing and hypnotic with very little sensuality, other times the Aqueoussage may be an arousing build up for the couple. I realize the importance of this heightened state of connection and encourage you to indulge with your partner. I may excuse myself at the end to allow privacy for you to use as you wish to complete your time together. I advise couples to know and understand their boundaries prior to the start of our session, but to keep in mind that having an open heart without expectations of this organic experience is always best! 

I am familiar with assisting someone to ease into unfamiliar territory and feel confident that defined boundaries will not be crossed. I am available for a brief, complimentary phone or video chat if either partner has any questions prior to booking. I want you both to feel 100% comfortable as you take on this new and exciting adventure together!

Couples Sessions:

2 Hour Couples Aqueoussage $1000
3.5 Hour Dinner & Couples Aqueoussage
(please add cost of restaurant bill)
Add-on fee for Travel Sessions
(rate may be higher for travel outside MA)
Add $100

I highly suggest that first-time sessions be discussed ahead of time and not be a surprise for their partner. Once we have had our initial session together, I am ok with surprise sessions as gifts in the future.

Ask me about my unique combination session series of Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching + Aqueoussage for couples. This is a one-of-a-kind experience catering to couples in search of the ultimate bonding connection. It is a blend of lifestyle coaching sessions as well as hands-on practical experience with Aqueoussage. 

I am also happy to come to you for a travel session if you prefer.

Credit Cards or Cash accepted. 

Appointments exceeding 2 hours in duration or out-of-state appointments require a 20% deposit to book. Invoice for deposit will be sent via email. 

Elite Companion

Group Events

I am available for group classes, massage parties or special events.

I can travel to you or host your event at my location.

Facility Details:

Private 2,000 sq ft facility available for private event rental 

  • Lifestyle Parties
  • Sensual Energy Birthday Celebrations
  • Aqueoussage Group Certification Courses
  • Elements of Intimacy Product Demos
Elite Companion


Interested in learning the sacred technique of Aqueoussage? 

Mastering this creative sensual "dance" of intimacy will greatly improve your relationship, confidence, creativity and sexual nature. 

  • Personal Use:
    Private lessons available
  • Professional Use:
    Aqueoussage Certification Course

FAQ & Testimonials

Please message me if you have further questions and I will address them directly.

Who is your typical client?

I have a very diverse clientele that regularly books sessions with me for bodywork, coaching or often times they see me for both for the best results. Individuals and couples from ages 18 - 80+ both males and females seem to be in need of this kind of connection. With the fast pace of life and an upward trend of disconnection from other beings, I find that this is a beneficial recharge for any human who’s open to this. Quite often, my clients have high-stress jobs and are in-demand both in their professional and personal lives. I tend to cater to professional athletes, high-intensity weekend warriors, entrepreneurs, creatives, those who are in leadership roles and 'of service' to others. Whether my clients use their mind, body or both in their careers, it seems a common thread is a need to decompress and recharge their batteries! Basically, anyone in need of balance of the mind, body heart and soul are typical clients of mine. I believe you can't pour from an empty cup and in order to be your best self for others in your life, self-care should be a priority. Booking sessions with me is a great way to fill your cup!

What is an Aqueoussage?

An Aqueoussage is my signature style of Sensual Energy Body Work that I created in order to maximize relaxation and connection. I typically use a generous amount of oil-based + aqueous solution from my Elements of Intimacy all-natural product line on both of our bodies throughout the session. This product provides an appropriate glide for hands-on relaxing touch and skin protection for body to body Nuru-type slides. The techniques used in Aqueoussage sessions are a blend of; Hawaiian Lomi Lomi rolling and flowing movement, Japanese Nuru slides and a light version of Swedish touch performed while I'm in yoga-like positions maximizing body mechanics to apply appropriate pressure. It is a very unique experience for anyone needing a bit of self-care and relaxing sensual touch. Please note this is NOT a sexual or genital stimulating massage.

My formal education and current license allow me to perform a specific athletic massage for rehabilitating injuries in a traditional setting, but the Aqueoussage that I offer is purely for stress relief, hypnotic meditation and relaxation. Other than utilizing my knowledge in human anatomy & physiology, this is completely separate and not “therapeutic” in the traditional sense. I also do not feel that the word "massage" accurately describes what I do, nor do I want to disrespect LMTs who are specifically licensed. I am a Lifestyle Intimacy Coach, Ordained Spiritual Minister, and Reiki 2 practitioner with the ability to deliver holistic healing energy work and I have taken many certification courses in various massage techniques.

Why do I need to give you the required information in the online booking form?

I ask for this information in order to gain an understanding about a potential client as well as a means for me to confirm my safety. I do not share this information with others and hold your privacy in the highest regard. The majority of my clients have high profile careers and I assure confidentiality and privacy with everyone who contacts me. I do require authentic information as opposed to an alias or nickname in order to verify I won't be inviting criminals or sex offenders into private sessions with me. As a solo independent practitioner, safety is my #1 priority and I prefer to work only with those of high integrity. I also love to hear what lead you to my services! As always, I appreciate you understanding the need for this information and making it as simple as possible for me to process your request. I do not share any personal information of my clients with anyone. I provide services with the utmost sincerity and I ask the same of my clients. If someone is hesitant to provide the information I require, it leads me to believe they have less than respectable intentions and I will politely decline working with them.

What payment options do you offer?

I accept cash, credit card or Visa pre-paid gift cards. Please let me know which payment option you prefer prior to the beginning of our session. I do require a small deposit for any bookings over two hours in duration and I will provide a professional invoice to be paid by credit card via email complete with a digital receipt.

What is your location like?

I opened my newest members-only club, theLIC, in April 2019. The space is a 2,000 sq ft sacred oasis. In addition to private appointments and exclusive events at the club, I sell organic intimate massage oils/lubes and body candles in the gift shop from my personal product line, "Elements of Intimacy". Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching sessions, guided meditations and Sensual Energy Body Work sessions can be scheduled here by current clients in good standing. While with a client, the space is completely private and closed off to the public. The location also offers events; group coaching and workshops focused on intimacy, sensual meditation, erotic hypnosis, tantric yoga, confidence classes and energy harnessing techniques. For more information about the events held at my location, please visit the Events/Calendar page. To gain complimentary access to unlimited events, learn about becoming a VIP member to theLIC.

Client Testimonials:

"I typically get therapeutic massages but decided to try an "Aqueoussage" after feeling like my routine experiences were getting so mechanical and impersonal. I was over-the-top impressed with the care and effort put into this work. I was beyond relaxed and believe that my state of bliss lead it to be the most therapeutic (emotionally) I have ever encountered. " -D.G.

"This is other-worldly." -R.C.

"…If there was a picture and meaning beside the word Heaven it would say Aqueoussage. She provides the most connected experience ever given! She is art in motion and detailed in everything she provides for you… from her greeting, conversation, the environment, and the paradise in which she provides the Aqueoussage. Every single movement and glide across your body takes you into a feeling of total healing! Wow what a birthday celebration I received with her = she is a MUST SEE!!! Beautiful in every way, her voice, her looks, her touch!!!" -S.H.

"Prior to my session I had been experiencing depression, a loss of interest in my partner and general sensuality in my life. I was at the point where I thought nothing would help me- I was either completely disinterested or had an unhealthy high sexual appetite, nothing in between. I was not happy. In search of an impactful change, I found Sensual Energy Body Work & theLIC. Our first appointment changed me and I have felt the benefits of her healing ever since. I have reconnected with my spouse in unexpected ways. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thanks to her, my senses are open and life is great." -J.A.

I am thoroughly entranced! She made use of her moves with great skill, generosity and was impressively focused the entire time, full dedication. Chatting with her showed that she's genuine, intelligent, caring and quite the perfectionist. I think I found a true Aqueoussage artist." -J.S.

"There are just no words to explain this experience. Wow." -E.A.

"We've never felt more connection than we did after a couples Sensual Energy Body Work session. She helped us tune into something that hasn't been there since we started dating 20 years ago. Professional yet encouraging, she brought us intimately closer to each other. This was much needed!"  - T & B (1st time experience w/ couples session)  

She slowly dripped luscious oil over me, her touch was gentle but firm. She used her body in a unique way working from my neck to my feet. She was clearly as relaxed and in tune as I was." -M.E.

"From the moment I walked into the room and saw her in person, I knew I was in for a treat. Nothing could have prepared me for the most breath taking experience of my life, with a beautiful, soft, curvy woman using her entire body as part of the Aqueoussage to transport me into a state of profound bliss. I am hooked!" -G.M.



Elite Companion


Private appointments available at my South Shore location:

Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm 
Saturday: by appointment only
Sunday: closed

Private appointments available for Travel-to-you sessions:

Monday-Saturday: daytime or evening by appointment
*travel sessions are a minimum of 2 hours

Please plan ahead when booking, I do not book same day appointments. My schedule closes the night before at 8pm. 


Small group workshops, online classes and demonstration events are all complimentary for members to join. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb. 15th IntimaSea Presents: Elements of Intimacy Aqueoussage Demo Party
  • TBD Sacred Breathing Techniques Workshop (guest teacher)
  • TBD Tantric Couples Yoga Workshop (guest teacher)

Facility Rental:

Private 2,000 sq ft facility available for private event rental.

  • Lifestyle Parties
  • Sensual Energy Birthday Celebrations
  • Aqueoussage Group Certification Courses
  • IntimaSea Product Demos


Elite Companion

Book a Session


I do require all new clients to be verified prior to confirming an appointment. Verification can be done in one of two ways:

Social Media

If you are a professional athlete/public figure with a verified professional social media account, you may contact me through that account

DM me on Twitter or Instagram via your verified account.

It is vital to include ALL necessary and TRUE information that I require in order to schedule a session with me. Those who disrespect this policy of providing their real information are subject to be added to my 'Do Not See' list. Fill out the form below for new booking requests.

New Clients:

If you are a new client requesting an appointment, submitting your booking request 48 hours or more in advance is very much appreciated. Please be sure to include official full name verification (license photo, Linkedin or company website link) or your submitted request will be ignored.

Returning Clients:

If you are a returning client, feel free to send me an email or call 1-844-484-3542 (ext. 0), there is no need to fill out a booking form again. Please be confirmed prior to 8pm if you'd like to be on my schedule the following day, thank you.

About the Location:

Open April 2019: a NEW luxury space located on the South Shore of Boston, MA. Conveniently located minutes off the highway, the private club is a 25 minute drive from the city. Complete with vital amenities and uniquely themed rooms, this 2,000 sq ft private oasis will cater to Lifestyle Intimacy Coaching VIP Members as well as welcome new clients considering membership. Sessions offered at this location are for; private one-on-one, couples, team sessions and will also host meet-ups, classes, and workshops (complimentary for current VIP Members) as well as Aqueoussage lessons and certification courses. 

  • Off-street parking
  • Private shower facilities
  • Meditation Classroom/Yoga Shala
  • Inspirational Coaching Room
  • Elements of Intimacy Gift Shop
  • Tranquility Room (XL Aqueoussage table)
  • Energetic Play Room (Oil “Wrestling” ring)

The private club will be open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Saturdays.

VIP Membership

Are you looking to enhance intimacy in your life and reach a level of infinite bliss? 

I highly recommend
VIP  Membership to "TheLIC"

Enlightened Self-Improvement
Seeking so much more than the current "norm" has to offer
You've discovered this private organization for a reason. Welcome!


Exclusive Membership Rates

Priority Online Booking

Complimentary Access to Events

If you’ve stumbled upon this page and are merely interested in temporarily trying out Sensual Energy Body Work but not quite ready for an upward positive shift of love & happiness in your life, then VIP membership might not be for you. That is completely fine, you’re still welcome to book a single session if you’d like. Single session rates can be found on the Appointments page. 

If you've experienced an appointment and loved every bit of the fulfillment, peace, happiness, gratitude, joy and unconditional love you received, then joining as a VIP member is FOR YOU!

Step #1: Discover 

Thoroughly read through this website. There is a lot of good information you will find about me, my unique offerings and benefits you can expect to experience through this work. Check out the FAQ page, associated websites, blog posts and browse my social media posts. I truly believe everyone could benefit from this work, but this is a decision for YOU to make. You are the only one that knows yourself the best. 

Step #2: Single Session vs. Membership 

Decide if this is a one-time indulgence you'd like to experience or if you are interesting in enhancing your life for the better with an ongoing membership. Keep in mind, you're always welcome to book a single session to try it out without obligation and decide afterwards. At the end of your appointment, if you decide you'd like to continue as a member, your VIP membership account will be credited $300 towards future appointments from your initial 2 hour booking. There is no long-term contract with membership. If it no longer suits you, your membership can be cancelled with 30 days notice.  

Step #3: Book an Appointment 

Whether you decide you would like to join the VIP membership or visit for a trial session, you may book your initial appointment through the booking form on this website. Once the form is filled out and submitted you will receive a booking confirmation containing all pertinant information for your upcoming appointment. Arrive at your scheduled appointment relaxed and comfortable. You may ask me anything! There are no bad or silly questions. Be prepared to enjoy an amazing experience! At the end of your appointment, you can decide the best way for YOU that will add value to your life. There is no pressure to commit to anything! 

*Optional: book a phone or video 10 minute consultation

After researching what this is all about, if you're still not sure about experiencing it for yourself, feel free to schedule a complimentary phone or video consultation. It only lasts about 10 minutes, but it may be a perfect way for you to make a decision to move forward. 

VIP members are committed to dedicating regular time for self care. Maintaining your overall health & mindfulness allows you to be your best self so you can be there for others in a meaningful way. Add value to your life and fill your cup with regularly scheudled sessions at the LIC. 

"You can't pour from an empty cup."

  • Current members are granted lifetime membership for clients in good standing. No additional dues. 
  • VIP members are granted access to all workshops, group classes & seminars free of charge. 
  • Complimentary entry to parties and private gatherings held at theLIC. 
  • Allows access to private coaching accountability check-ins between scheduled sessions via phone, email or video. 


To become a VIP member & begin your 11+ journey,

email the LIC Office Manager & Membership Advisor: